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Messenger app launches real-time location sharing for families

Instant messaging app imo has announced the launch of its location-based sharing and interaction feature, imo Now.

The feature aims to focus on family safety and connectivity, providing users with tools to protect and connect with their loved ones in real-time.

This feature is geared towards users in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE and KSA.

The recently launched feature aims to provide peace of mind to families, allowing them to stay connected and informed about each other’s whereabouts.

The feature’s slogan, “Sharing is Caring”, encapsulates the core purpose of imo’s new offering.

With the introduction of this feature, imo aims to set itself apart from other instant messaging platforms by providing a solution for enhancing family safety and bonding.

Imo’s location-based sharing and interaction feature offers families in the Middle East with the option to create private family groups.

Within these groups, family members can easily share their real-time location.

Additionally, users can share their real-time routes, particularly useful for family members who are commuting or traveling, as it keeps others informed about their journey progress.

Imo Now also offers status notifications for joined family members, important departure or arrival moments to be shared among family.

Within the family group, members can also communicate through calls, messages, and utilise GPS navigation based on family members’ location information.

The feature was created with the aim of simplifying coordination of family activities and meetups.

According to imo, “This feature directly addresses the unique needs of family safety and connectivity in the Middle East, where family bonds hold paramount importance.  Imo’s location-based sharing and interaction feature addresses a significant gap in the market.”