Mercedes-Benz shows love for the G Wagon for Valentine’s Day campaign

The brand launches a global campaign called ‘Stronger than diamonds’ for the much-loved G Class

Mercedes-Benz has launched a Valentine’s Day campaign called  ‘Stronger than Diamonds’ for its G-Class.

The German luxury brand says the new edition “is a distinctive brand ambassador that embodies eternal beauty further enhanced by precious diamonds.”

The campaign ‘A love that lasts forever. Stronger than diamonds’ on the Mercedes-Benz social media channels accompanies the market launch of the G-Class special edition and its handover to customers.

The limited edition vehicle sees the use of a rosewood grey magno paint colour developed, while featuring 0.25-carat diamonds set into all four stainless steel door locking pins. The exterior handles feature an embossed diamond logo.

Even the car key has a unique design with a genuine silver badge on the reverse bearing the name of the special edition and the diamond insignia.

Customers will receive a certificate from the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) assuring that the diamonds originate from ethically, socially and ecologically responsible sources.

Only 300 units have been made of this limited edition model.


  • Idea, concept and implementation: teamx
  • Production: Services United Sina Linke
  • Post-production: SK Difference
  • Music: Tracks and Fields – synchro license “Fever” (Charlie McClean)