Mercedes-Benz opens new centre to create “unforgettable brand moments”

Gargash Group has revealed a new Mercedes-Benz Brand Center.

The new centre is part of Gargash Group’s efforts to offer a different luxury retail experience, focusing on creating customer experiences and brand interactions.

“The newly unveiled Mercedes-Benz Brand Center signifies a momentous milestone for both Gargash Group and the automotive sector on a grand scale.

“It’s not just a step forward for our brand; it signifies a bold leap into a future where customer experiences and brand interactions redefine the norm, further propelling our growth and leadership as a business and a group,” Gargash Group Chairman Samir Gargash said.

The Brand Center brings Mercedes Benz focus on elevating customer experiences to life. The brand blends traditional engagement and innovative concepts to “exceed expectations” of its customers.

The Mercedes-Benz Brand Center embodies the same approach to align with Mercedes ambition to deliver unforgettable brand moments, according to Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. Marketing & Sales.

The design and architecture of the Brand Center also represent the brand’s core values of innovation, sophistication, and timeless elegance.

Inside the Brand Center

The Brand Center houses a section of Maybach cars, complemented by ‘The Maybach Lounge’ that offers a 360-degree experience to look at personalisation and customisation options.

The centre also features a display of 76 cars stacked across “The Car Wall” and a dedicated space for high-performance Mercedes-AMG models.

The Brand Center also houses an off-road driving adventure, along with an academy that will allow off-road enthusiasts to learn and test the capabilities of the SUVs on a track that simulates extreme terrain conditions.

The Mercedes-Benz Brand Center also aims to inspire creativity among its clientele, as well as artistic and business communities in the city.

The brand has also created a space called the “Town Square” which hosts activities such as exhibitions, seminars, entertainment, and the arts.

Visitors will be able to take part in a seasonal programme that includes events around lifestyle, design, arts, culture, technology, and automobiles. The space will also showcase emerging local talents and brands.

Finally, The centre will feature a cafe for visitors,  AMG Kaffeehaus, along with a merchandise shop for the brand.

A series of activations covering areas of education, entertainment, industry-trending topics, and arts and culture will take place on an on-going basis.