McDonald’s Recruitment Campaign on Snapchat receives more than 42,000 “Snaplications” from Saudi Job Hopefuls

The quick service restaurant chain is the first company in MENA to use a Snapchat Lens to run a recruitment campaign

KSA: McDonald’s has become the first company in the MENA region to use a Snapchat Lens for a recruitment campaign. Launching during the month of October, and targeting Saudi Nationals, the aim of the campaign was to fill 850+ positions across multiple roles including manager trainees, guest experience leaders, baristas, accountants, administration coordinators, HR specialists, delivery drivers and service crew.

The campaign was a huge success and received in excess of 42,000 responses- smashing its expected goal of 10,000 applications. The quick service restaurant chain wanted to appeal to potential team members in the Kingdom and make it easy for them to submit their applications.

To kick off the “Snaplication” campaign, McDonald’s distributed a Lens Snapcode to 10 influencers in KSA who started posting Snaps to their Story and commending career-builders in the Kingdom. Shortly thereafter, the Lens ran nationally and the Snapcode was printed across multiple touchpoints in stores (tray mats, banners, etc.) to encourage visitors to unlock the Lens and apply.

HH Prince Majed bin Fahad Al Saud, Executive Director of HR at Riyadh International Catering Corporation, developmental licensee of McDonald’s restaurants in the Central, Eastern and Northern regions of Saudi Arabia commented: “McDonald’s Saudi Arabia has always been a pioneer when it comes to the ease and convenience of recruitment of local talents. Our latest initiative utilizes Snapchat to allow job seekers to apply to McDonald’s in a fun, simple and innovative way at the comfort of their homes.”

Mohamed Alireza, Deputy General Manager of Reza Food Services Limited, McDonald’s Western and Southern regions, said: “We wanted to appeal to young job seekers in the Kingdom by offering them a fun and simple way to apply to McDonald’s. Our main purpose was to make the application process instantaneous and accessible and Snapchat is the perfect channel to reach the target audience given its widespread popularity among them.”

The impact was substantial. McDonald’s exceeded expectations and received approximately 42,000 employment applications through Snapchat, many of which were Saudi nationals and contribute towards the brand’s wider Saudization efforts.