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Make sure your next customers find you this Ramadan, by Meta

Did you know that nearly two billion people observe Ramadan globally? During this time of reflection and introspection, it’s also a time to prepare the home, share heartwarming meals and share gifts with loved ones. As a result, gifting and shopping are a big part of the Ramadan season. Here are 5 easy steps you can take to help ensure that your business gets discovered during this busy time, as people all over the Middle East and North Africa prepare for Ramadan.

#1: Begin by winning hearts and minds. What do consumers care about?

We want your business to succeed this time of year, so we’re sharing our best insights in our complimentary Ramadan Hub. This resource will help you find creative ways of connecting with new customers and with what matters most to them.

#2: Build credibility by collaborating with creators

Did you know that around 34% of people who see content posted by creators with a more diverse background say they discover more new brands as a result? One of the most effective and authentic ways for a business to connect with a more diverse audience is by working with creators to help lend credibility to your message.

#3: Create compelling content with Reels

Facebook and Instagram Reels are by far our fastest growing content format, offering unique opportunities for businesses seeking a wider audience. This Ramadan, try Reels to share information about your products that people may not realize they need or behind-the-scenes of how your products are made to boost your business. Pro tips and tricks to level up your Reels: use timed text to help tell stories on Reels, use Green Screen to add your own branding or product showcase as background, and add AR effects to make your Reels more engaging and fun.

#4: Go global — it’s a lot easier than you might think!

Ramadan is a global event celebrated by a quarter of the world’s population, and new opportunities exist across borders. This could be the perfect time for you to start thinking of how you can help your products find people in more places. Meta’s Dynamic Language Optimisation solution can help businesses run one ad in up to 49 languages, so you can deliver your ads in the right language to the right person.

#5: Support your community by giving back this #MonthOfGood

In the spirit of Ramadan, consider working with your customers to support local communities in need. Whether you donate a portion of proceeds from sales with Facebook Shops or Instagram Shops or start a conversation about a cause with your customers on Messenger or WhatsApp, there are all kinds of ways to show up during the #MonthofGood and build a meaningful connection with your customers.