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Louvre Abu Dhabi brings cultures together

Chinese or Islamic Art?

A question you will no doubt ponder upon as you marvel at the objects on display at the Dragon and Phoenix Exhibition in Louvre Abu Dhabi, running until 12 Feb 2022.

Supported by a beautiful animation film that recalls stories of cultural exchange between the Chinese and Islamic civilisations; the exhibition showcases the connections, artistic influences, and remarkable untold stories of more than 800 years of cultural and commercial relationships.

All communication elements were developed to highlight or celebrate the artistic production interchange between the two cultures. Starting from the blue-hued animated film which pays tribute to the cobalt blue pigment imported from the Islamic lands thus giving birth to the iconic white and blue Chinese porcelain, to the social media posts where the viewer is invited to note the uncanny similarities between the different-origin artefacts.

In addition, Louvre Abu Dhabi invited influencers to support them on their mission to recall stories of cultural connection and highlight the remarkable exchange between the two civilisations.

The invitations took the form of blue and white ceramic half-plates decorated with Islamic motifs and an illustrated phoenix that represents the Islamic lands. Influencers were then encouraged to visit the museum and reclaim the second half of the plate which was decorated with Chinese drawings and an illustration of a dragon; thus, symbolically merging the two cultures in one plate.  The complete plate served as their entry ticket into the exhibition.

This fully integrated campaign is the first collaboration between Louvre Abu Dhabi and their new communication partner Publicis Middle East after winning the account at the start of 2021.

Credits :

Agency: Publicis Middle East / Dubai

Executive Creative Director: Rafael Augusto

Creative Director: Mohamed Bareche

Senior Copywriter: Nicolas Richard

Copywriter: Kyra Mathews

Senior Art Director: Mohamed Youssef El Naggar

Senior Art Director: Paulo Ottaviani

Art Director : Tina Balaa

Graphic Designer: Mahir Jeseem

Deputy General Manager: Myrna Khoury

Account director: Hania Afifi

Account manager: Sarah Cartier

Planner: Elias Karam

Studio: Consulado Sao Paulo

Head of TV production: Wael Said

Social media director: Karl El Hitti

Social media manager: Rahma Abdel Rahman

Social Media Executive: Antonin Pelletier

Multimedia designer : Ali Al Nammari

Multimedia designer: Raef Fawzy

Client: Louvre Abu Dhabi

Director of Marketing and Communications: Emma Cantwell

Brand lead: Anna Ferris

Marketing Officer : Shaikha Alzaabi

Marketing specialist: Caroline Hebert

Acting Marketing Manager: Sarah AlJneibi

Account executive: Yara Maalouf

Digital Marketing manager: Sana Ibrahim Alhammadi

Digital Marketing Officer: Mitra Birgani