Louis Vuitton mascots pop up all over Atlantis

Credits: Atlantis The Royal

If you live in Dubai, you can find Louis Vuitton’s iconic mascots around the famed luxury hotel, Atlantis The Royal right now.

The two brands have come together to celebrate the first anniversary of the hotel’s opening.

Called “All dreams lead to Atlantis The Royal”, the campaign was created to strengthen the hotel’s positioning as an “ultra-luxury experiential” resort.

To launch the campaign, Atlantis The Royal posted several virtual teaser videos across its social media to highlight the collaboration between the brands.


As part of the campaign, many of the luxury fashion brand’s mascots, also called Viviennes, will be present around the hotel grounds in the form of larger-than-life statues.

The campaign features a total of seven of these mascots. Each of the mascots has been named and given its own unique personality. The each of the personality traits has been modelled after different aspects of the Atlantis The Royal.

Some of the names include the picture-taking Shutterbug Vivienne, the bright Wanderlust Vivienne, the hardworking Sailor Vivienne and the elegant Jetsetter.

Taking the campaign digital, the two brands also added an AR element to their celebrations.

Each of the life-sized statues also feature prompts that the guests would be able to use to see the Viviennes come to life.

Not limited to the actual statues, the collaboration also further extends into stickers and stays.

The two brands came together to create 18 limited-edition collectible travel stickers in celebration of the resort’s first anniversary.

These stickers are limited edition where one must book a night’s stay at the Atlantis The Royal to get their hands on them.

The stickers are doled out at one per every night booked at the hotel.