Louis Vuitton invites people to its Discord

Louis Vuitton Discord server is open for everyone

Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton has announced that it has launched its own discord server.

The brand’s participation with the social platform further strengthens its strategy towards Web3 communities.

The server while offering a more community-oriented focus, is also heavily focused on Louis Vuitton’s NFT holders.


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Louis Vuitton’s discord server provides two chat channels for people to communicate in. Of which one is exclusively meant for its NFT, Louis Vuitton VIA Treasure Trunk, holders.

The community is also split into two with both types of users being provided different monikers.

The non NFT-holders, also known as the Explorers, belong to the first floor and have access to Louis Vuitton’s announcement page and general chat.

The NFT holders on the other hand are called Voyagers and have access to a special second floor. They’ll have access to special NFT holders only exclusive content and conversations.

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The special channel will also allow members to connect, participate in the development of new ideas, and contribute to this unique experience, according to Louis Vuitton.

The joining page of Louis Vuitton’s newly launched discord server.

Its innovations channel plays a similar role to an announcements channel on other servers. The brand has made an announcement of the future plans for the server.

According to Louis Vuitton’s discord road map, the server will be discussing or interacting with content themed around virtual reality for the month of September.

It will be followed by gaming, Web3 and esport in October. It will also host a Louis Vuitton campus tour for its discord users in the same month.

Louis Vuitton is not the first luxury brand to launch its own discord server. Other luxury brands such as Gucci and Prada have launched their own servers previously.

Gucci previously launched its GucciVault discord server in early 2022. However, the server seems to be now defunct with no interactions or access.

It is yet to be seen how Louis Vuitton will fare in its discord venture.