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Likee celebrates a digital Ramadan

Likee's Ramadan campaign brings in a more digital Ramadan with donation hashtags and filters

During Ramadan, short-form video platforms have emerged as an essential part of the experience for many young people across the MENA region. Digital platforms have been seen to enable communities to embrace new experiences such as digital majlis, virtual Iftars, and interaction through videos, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting cultural diversity.

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Likee, a short video platform in the MENA region, launched its Ramadan campaign aimed at promoting inclusivity and cultural diversity. The multi-stage campaign featured unique hashtags while pledging to donate money to charity for every creator who participated in all stages. Special Ramadan stickers and filters enhanced the festive atmosphere. Furthermore, the organisation partnered with talented food creators from the MENA region to share their unique perspectives on Ramadan cuisine, further promoting the use of the campaign’s hashtags.

Likee also collaborated with Tkiyet Um Ali (TUA), an NGO dedicated to eradicating hunger, to launch the “Share a Meal This Eid” campaign. For every user who posted a video and participated, the organization donated to TUA, providing daily hot meals to families in need and issued certificates to the participants.

“We are thrilled with the response to our Ramadan initiatives, which reflect our commitment to inclusivity, community-building, and embracing digital experiences, said a spokesperson from Likee. “Our platform allows users to celebrate this holy month, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting cultural diversity. Our partnership with Tkiyet Um Ali for the ‘Share a Meal This Eid’ campaign demonstrates our dedication to making a real difference in the lives of those in need. As we continue to grow, we will remain focused on creativity, innovation, and community engagement, ensuring our platform remains a space for everyone to come together and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan and other special occasions.”

Through the campaign, the platform allowed users to discover fresh content, learn new skills, and connect with different cultures during the Holy Month. For many users, especially among the youth, digital platforms represent the ideal gateway to access a treasure trove of information and cultural practices, seek out answers and resources, exchange opinions with the wider community, and gain a deeper understanding of Ramadan across its spiritual, emotional, and social facets.

Short-form video platforms have become an integral part of the Ramadan experience for millions of users worldwide, upholding the values and traditions of this holy month while fostering a sense of belonging and promoting cultural diversity. Likee’s Ramadan Kareem campaign and the “Share a Meal This Eid” initiative aim to bring users closer together during special occasions.

Digital platforms also serve as catalysts for celebrations away from home, a theme that resonates with residents and expats across the Gulf. Such platforms enable users to celebrate Ramadan online, sharing stories through engaging visual storytelling and fostering deep connections with others.