Another OOH Company? Seriously?


There are tens of outdoor advertising companies in Dubai, so do we really need more? Well, not really, if you are talking about old-school and the very expensive advertising. In that case, we don’t need another one in Dubai. But we are quite different from the other outdoor advertising companies.


We add creativity and technology to outdoor advertising, and the result is an effective tool that reaches and engages with the right audience.

Unlike our competitors, who work on Android or Microsoft operating systems, our pioneering hardware and software have both been built specifically for digital outdoor advertising. By doing this, we have ensured our system is simple to use and 100 per cent secure, with no chance of errors or delays. Our self-serve system allows advertisers to think agile, with the ability to change their content every 48 hours. Imagine being able to A-B test your out-of-home ads without wasting your budget on printing. What would happen if you decide to change the ad, or found a mistake in it? Imagine all that budget gone down the drain.

We started lifeonscreen in 2010 with a simple question: “What if one tiny chip could transform the advertising industry into a digital sharing economy?” Nine years later, that idea has transformed into an innovative technology company with a unique digital outdoor advertising solution. With our
strategically placed screens, we help advertisers share messages that are hyper-targeted to their audiences, making those who see them more receptive to the creative messaging.

Among our many technological developments, our-soon-to-be launched intelligent visual sensor will revolutionise the way reporting and creative testing is done for DOOH (digital out-of-home) creatives. With such technology, you will be able to get real-time reports on reach and engagement, and not just an estimate based on footfall. By realising our vision we will redefine the way brands and people communicate, by making DOOH accessible to anyone and everyone.

Our aim is simple: we want to connect advertisers with screen owners and help them in the process to guarantee a “win-win-win” situation where the screen owners earn an extra income, the advertisers
are able to reach their target audience at a more affordable price and the consumers
get great deals and offers that are relevant to them.

With our technology, we are the new kid on the block. Although we already have more than 650 digital screens across the seven emirates (our highlights are the Carrefour, Enoc and Tasjeel networks), our ambition is to become the premier DOOH provider across the globe.

Starting in January 2020, our partners will be able to showcase their content based on the time of day or the state of the weather, among other programmatic solutions.

Within the next couple of years, we will be a pioneer in the new age of DOOH with the new  technologies that we will introduce globally. lifeonscreen will transform DOOH into the baseline of advertising. We will be a force to be reckoned with, with more than 3,000 screens in the UAE and 10,000 screens in more than 10 countries around the world.

We plan to disrupt the out-of-home marketplace around the globe and create new opportunities by innovating the future of targeted communication. We will revolutionise advertising by pushing boundaries and remain a leader in the technology industry!

We could go on and on about how amazing we are, or you can meet us in person and we can show you a whole array of opportunities you didn’t realise were available.

Reach us on ‘800-LIVE-ADS’ to schedule a meeting with one of our account managers, or visit our website www.lifeonscreen.com to find out more.