Launch of 13amStudio in Dubai

13am Studio is a diverse platform exhibiting and selling art, initially through its online store

13am Crowd is a new worldwide creative brand that’ll focus on celebrating global talent whilst based here in Dubai.

It will comprise of various phases such as apparel, music, and events. However, first up will be the launch of 13am Studio on December 5th.

13am Studio is a diverse platform exhibiting and selling art, initially through its online store.

The studio’s first phase of submissions consists of over 80 creatives, including graphic and motion designers, 2&3D illustrators, alongside graffiti, tattoo, collage, and traditional artists, photographers, typographers, and many more.

Further variation comes from the mixture of nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds within the community, showcasing why the 13am collective is so unique.

Founder George Ripton said: “The 13am brand was formed to celebrate and promote the sometimes unheralded, yet super talented creatives spread across the globe.

“Our aim was not just to identify these individuals but to give them a platform to showcase their work.

“Each artist will create their own unique submission, whether it’s a one-off piece or a series of artwork, all of which is exclusive to 13am.

“This collection will then be sold through our online store, giving people the rare opportunity to own a piece from their favourite creative and hang it on their wall.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many hugely talented individuals in my career to date, yet sometimes I feel the platform isn’t always available for them to showcase their creativity, which was my main driving goal whilst setting up 13am.”

Following the initial launch phase, there are plans for growth and expansion through exhibitions, stores and the introduction of NFTs.

The second phase will see the launch of 13am Apparel, a new fashion range, while 13am Records is expected to follow shortly after as the brand further manoeuvres into the public eye.

The online store, 13amStudio, where members of the public will be able to purchase from a collection of almost 300 pieces of artwork, launches on Tuesday 5th December.

“Although starting initially as an online print store, this is just the start for 13am Studio. The plan is to add further phases of new additional artists moving forward, gaining more exposure as the brand continues to grow.

Alongside moving into the event space with exhibitions and pop up stores, we also aim to move into the digital space with the addition of NFTs,” added Ripton.

With the brand aiming to become a one-stop shop for all things wall décor, prints will range from A3 to A0, all of which will be fine art Giclée printed, using Epson Ultrachrome HDX inks and Hahnemühle papers.