Lacoste collaborates with regional talent for Ramadan campaign

Ramadan is a time of reflection, spiritual renewal, and community bonding.  It also emphasises compassion, empathy, and generosity towards others, especially those in need. 

In this spirit, Lacoste has launched its Ramadan Campaign, devoted to celebrating the values of inclusivity, diversity, and unity.

At the heart of this story are four regional talents: Mohammed Habtoor from Dubai; Abdulla Al Kaabi, a film director based in Dubai; Ibrahim Al Baker, a visual artist and Creative Director from Qatar; and Farah Assaad, a Creative Director from Kuwait. 

These artists weave the campaign’s theme with sports wear and celebrate the coming together of different cultures and languages which foster connections and unite people. 

In every frame, the video shares a story of embracing differences, and capturing the beauty when art, fashion, and the essence of Ramadan connect. 

The campaign celebrates the ‘Do you Speak Lacoste’ collection, which is being pre-launched exclusively in the Middle East during Ramadan 2024. 

The collection draws inspiration from Lacoste’s rich heritage, featuring motifs such as the iconic crocodile and paying homage to René Lacoste.

It is also inspired by patents by Rene Lacoste: Polo collar, tennis racket, tennis ball machine, and golf club. 

This narrative is not just a representation of Ramadan’s spirit but also a reflection of Lacoste’s ethos – “Do You Speak Lacoste?” is not a question answered merely with words.

The four talents, from different parts of the Middle East, join in the campaign together and emphasise the beauty of varied backgrounds and seamless integration to connect during this special time of the year.

Abdulla Al Kaabi, Film Director, said: “This Lacoste Ramadan campaign, blending tradition with contemporary elegance, echoes my belief in creativity’s power to unite and inspire.”

Farah Assaad, Creative Director and Founder of Byffr, said: Representing Kuwait in this campaign has been a source of pride for me, and it aligns perfectly with the ethos of my daily life, where I find power in diversity and inclusivity. In this collaboration, i have found a connection between the spirit of Ramadan and Lacoste as a brand, as it allowed me to dive deeper into the brand’s creative and inventive elegance in their pieces, which allows you to play and dare, and serves as an inspiration to create your own goals.”