KFC Middle East starts blockchain media buying

New blockchain-based technology set to transform how digital advertising is delivered and paid for, authentically and transparently

Ozge Zoralioglu, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC, Yum! Brands

KFC has become the first across the quick-service restaurant (QSR) in the region to implement an innovative blockchain platform for its digital advertising and media buying.

The platform’s decentralized, shared ledger approach will empower KFC with greater and more efficient digital ad transparency to create trust in the advertising supply chain. This means that the brand can continue to leverage the power of real-time data and analytics to create disruptive communications strategies and campaigns – all while addressing concerns around security and privacy by advertisers, publishers and, of course, the consumers.

This blockchain-based solution is expected to deliver tangible benefits, enabling KFC to:

  1. Harness more accurate data to increase the brand’s visibility and penetration, enabling the distribution of more timely and relevant messaging, reducing over saturation of any communications, maximizing on ad placements and optimizing advertising revenue.
  2. Drive increased efficiencies and a more trustworthy supply chain by resolving any issues of fraud. Due to its shared database, every ad delivery and placement is seen, shared and updated on the blockchain on a real-time basis, bringing in ultimate transparency to the digital ad supply chain.

Ozge Zoralioglu, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC, Yum! Brands commented: “Over the past decade, the global communications industry has witnessed exponential disruption. Blockchain is proving to be yet another revolution, having already transformed several global industries and processes. Historically, marketers have collected data from various different sources and run a campaign pegged on these mismatched insights. Today, marketers must get to the original source of the data: the consumer. Blockchain technologies ensure that they get first-hand information from the target audience themselves.

By innovating a sophisticated blockchain solution, KFC can now benefit from enhanced visibility of real-time data and the most updated insights – all with full confidence that information is authenticated, tamper-proof and hence credible. Leveraging blockchain technology’s immutability means that together, we are able to improve trust, transparency and efficiency in our supply chain.”

Fadi Maktabi, Managing Director, Hearts & Science MENA added: “We are very excited to be launching blockchain technology with KFC in the region. We believe there is no better time to venture into this than now as both the technology is maturing and the need for faster actionable insights is becoming crucial. With greater access to log-level data, we will be able to make faster changes to fuel data driven business performance and gain more access into the region’s media supply chain.”