JCDecaux Oman unveils new digital ad screen


JCDecaux Oman has unveiled a state-of-the-art digital advertising screen at Muscat International Airport.

The 3D content capable screen is designed to engage all arriving passengers to Oman.

It represents yet another step in the company’s journey, adding to its diverse advertising solutions offered in airports and reaffirming its commitment to innovation in advertising.

Powered by advanced technology, this screen delivers seamless displays of high-quality content, offering advertisers a unique platform to promote their brands.

It aims to capture the attention of passengers from all segments throughout the day, including first-class, business and economy travelers on both domestic and international flights.

JCDecaux’s commitment to sustainable development shines through in this project, as the screen’s electrical consumption is covered by green energy sources. 

This eco-friendly approach aligns with Oman’s efforts towards carbon neutrality, underscoring the company’s responsible advertising campaigns that resonate with the aspirations of society.

Bechir Chehab, the Managing Director of JCDecaux Oman is thrilled about the strategic partnership with Oman Airport, as it provides a unique passenger experience that combines technology, digital solutions, and sustainability. 

Positioned at the last custom checkpoint, the digital screen not only serves as a digital advertising signage but also integrates with the airport’s architecture, preserving its traditional aspect. 

The Screen ‘Premium Edge’ allows advertisers to deliver their messages boldly and disruptively, leveraging the latest technology, including 3D and real-time dynamic content. 

It meets the group’s sustainability requirements, reducing consumption and the carbon footprint, aligning with Oman Airports’ initiatives and Oman’s 2040 Visions.

Bechir Chehab extends JCDecaux Oman’s gratitude to their partners at Oman Airports for their continuous support and collaboration, instrumental in realising this project. 

With the launch of this new screen at the airport, JCDecaux Oman looks forward to embarking on a new era of working with advertisers to provide a unique experience for passengers at Muscat International Airport.

By combining advanced technology, sustainability and strategic placement, this project sets a new standard for innovative and responsible advertising practices in Oman.