IWC Schaffhausen sees big uplift with its socially-conscious campaign

The luxury watch brand launched a Ramadan marketing drive using regional celebrities called #GiftOfTime

IWC Schaffhausen said it saw a big uplift with a socially-conscious campaign during Ramadan, which used regional celebrities.

The luxury watch brand embraced the spirit of the holy month with its marketing initiative called #GiftOfTime.

IWC Schaffhausen decided to go for a socially-conscious route, managing to unite regional communities to celebrate the gift of time and support a worthy cause – The Fred Hollows Foundation.

At the heart of the campaign was “a quartet of trailblazing regional personalities, hand-selected for their alignment with IWC’s brand DNA: understated originality, precision, craftsmanship, timeless elegance and forward-looking vision,” the brand said.

These included Reema Juffali, a Saudi female racing driver helping to defy stereotypes and inspiring women to overcome barriers and pursue their passions. Her perseverance and determination are aligned to IWC’s commitment to progress and originality.

Fahad Badar is a Qatari mountaineer who has overcome personal setbacks to conquer peaks, and Arqam Al Abri, an Emirati soul singer and entrepreneur using his music to spread peace, are among the other celebrities.

Reema Juffali is a Saudi female racing driver

Hamad Al Humaidhan is a Kuwaiti artist capturing emotions and society through his innovative, cubist style, which IWC said exemplifies its dedication to originality and timeless elegance.

“The GiftOfTime campaign achieved significant success, with impressive digital engagement and social media metrics reflecting the resonance of the initiative with audiences across the region,” a spokesman for IWC said.

“Its innovative approach to integrating community values, regional culture and philanthropy set the standard for future marketing efforts”.

By partnering with The Fred Hollows Foundation, IWC is highlighting human plight but also trying to create an emotional connection with its audience, one that “showcases the immense messaging power of a well-executed campaign with a lasting and tangible legacy.”

With work in over 25 countries and restoring sight to more than 3 million people since 1992, the Fred Hollows Foundation is a testament to the impact that can be made in a short amount of time, provided the resolve and resources are accessible.

IWC Schaffhausen described the #GiftOfTime campaign as “a testament to the power of innovation and storytelling”.

“By embracing the core values of Ramadan and fostering authentic connections with its audience, the campaign achieved remarkable success in the competitive realm of advertising, media, and communications”.