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Impact BBDO adds four candles to cakes with a “heartwarming” twist

In an initiative aimed at raising awareness and funds for pediatric heart surgeries in Lebanon, Impact BBDO and Brave Heart Fund launched Birth Days, a campaign that seeks to captivate audiences with a heartwarming message.

In Lebanon, over 600 babies are diagnosed with heart disease annually, equating to one infant every 12 hours facing a life-threatening condition.

This campaign aimed to changed the idea of a birthday into powerful message.

They did this through launching a film that centred around a universal childhood moment – blowing birthday cake candles.

As viewers witness the joyous scenes of children celebrating this cherished milestone, they are confronted with a unique situation: 4-digit numbers on the cakes.

Representing the total lifespan of the children in days, these 4-digit numbers aimed to showcase how children with heart conditions celebrate every single day they are alive.

The campaign also took to dozens of cake shops prompting people to question the reason behind the unusual 4-digit numbers on the birthday cakes.

The activation was carried out wit the aim of ensuring an impactful effect, encapsulating awareness and donations.

People could scan  the QR code on a card next to the cakes and donate an amount of their choice towards the cause.

The campaign invites the audience to acknowledge that, for these young warriors, every day lived is akin to a birthday – a reminder that every day in their life should be celebrated.