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Imagination launches interactive experience in Doha Port

Imagination has partnered with Qatar Tourism and Visit Qatar to create an interactive experience for tourists in Doha Port’s new visitor centre. This experience highlights the wealth of experiences and adventures available in Qatar and supports the wider development of the new Port area.

Imagination created an immersive user journey with three key zones of discovery and individual hero themes, including Adventure and Adrenaline, Nature & Wellness and Culture and Hospitality. All three themes use iconic imagery to entice visitors to discover more about experiences that can be had in the country during the tournament.

To make the user journey interactive and seamless, Imagination incorporated QR codes that visitors can scan to explore more about each adventure and book the ones of most interest.

Launching in time for the World Cup, the experience will be available for the fans who are staying on cruise ships around the Port, but also for all local, expat, and international travellers and residents. Additional content updates that hero and promote new experiences will follow in the months ahead.

Imagination partnered with their Sydney office for the design and development of content, as well as Poland-based firm AM Concept, for the visualisation and real time rendering. A senior member of the Qatari Royal family envisioned the project so all elements of the experience were approved by them, culminating in a walk-through of the space on the 10th of November.