Hypermedia partners with Streach for OOH measurement

Hypermedia signed a strategic agreement with Streach, a part of Seventh Decimal, which would enable them to put audience measurement at the core of Out-Of-Home trading and to maintain it as an integral part of any media mix.

The partnership will enable the brands to shift towards data-driven decisions for both digital and static OOH, maximizing the effectiveness of their campaigns.

With Streach, Hypermedia will enable its clients to accurately measure the exposure to their campaigns and understand the audience exposed.

With the introduction of metrics such as reach, frequency, impressions, sociodemographic, socioeconomic and geo-distribution, Hypermedia and Streach aim to allow marketers to use the same insights they already use in their digital campaigns.

Hypermedia Streach Seventh Decimal

In light of the current golden age of OOH, Hypermedia, a subsidiary of W Group, believes that OOH measurement will be a key to industry growth in the UAE. Eventually, OOH is one of the most brand-safe, transparent, and creative channels.

W Group chief operating officer Philip Matta highlighted how the company is changing the face of OOH advertising in the UAE through data, noting: “Data Science is raising marketing to prominence. Data insights support companies in making smarter decisions, thus delivering clients’ requirements most cost-effectively. Hypermedia will enable OOH to forge ahead on a global scale of data measurement.” Matta added that the company strives to “create a data ecosystem that allows a proper involvement between us as suppliers, advertising agencies (brands), and people (audience)” and build a “proper assessment to improve positioning, brand image, and audience engagement.”

Seventh Decimal CEO and co-founder Maud Moawad stated: “As we are seeing more and more leading advertisers realizing the need for OOH measurement, it’s now the best time for media suppliers to endorse an audience measurement system that answers the local market specificities. We are thrilled by the trust that Hypermedia management has put in us by selecting Seventh Decimal as its audience measurement partner. Hypermedia will be joining other leading suppliers and media agencies in driving the transformation of OOH towards a more transparent, efficient, and accountable marketplace in the GCC.”