HP: How is climate change impacting parents purchasing decisions?

The new study reveals most parents are looking for companies to take action on climate change

Image Credit: HP

HP has announced new global research conducted by Morning Consult revealing the serious actions many parents are taking due to climate change.

The study reveals it has impacted their everyday decisions, long-term family planning and sustainable practices and purchases.

Among parents in India, Mexico, Singapore, U.K and the U.S, 91 per cent are concerned about the climate crisis, leading to changes that are reshaping their lives and purchasing habits. 

More than half 53 per cent say it has impacted their perspective on having more children. While 43 per cent of respondents said they had reconsidered working for a company based on its commitment to environmental and social issues.  

The research also found many parents favor companies that are taking action to address climate change. Nearly two-thirds 64 per cent of parents prefer products that are sustainably sourced and 60 per cent say sustainable company practices play a large part in their purchasing habits.

However, the vast majority of parents 84 per cent acknowledge the cost of living is rising and more than half 57 per cent believe engaging in environmentally friendly practices takes up a lot of time. 

Michele Malejki, Global Head of Social Impact at HP, said: “Families, like all our customers, rely on HP to connect them to the things that matter most, be it work, entertainment or loved ones.

“It’s one of the reasons parents are top of mind for us. And like every generation before them, today’s parents have their own unique pressures, especially the climate crisis. It’s why we’re going beyond our business impact to make our business better for people and the planet.

While parents are taking personal action, most believe key players in the corporate world must act too.

They believe companies have a lot of responsibility in holding themselves accountable on climate action, as opposed to customers.

James McCall,Chief Sustainability Officer, said: “Our research correlates to what we see in our business: we are keeping customers, winning new sales, and attracting talent because of our Sustainable Impact initiatives and sustainable products.

“If we are serious about changing the trajectory of the climate crisis, industry must go beyond, changing the mindset of ‘do no harm’ to ‘domore good.”