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How lingerie shopping became a life-saving guide

Studies show that women in the Middle East spend over 23 minutes browsing fashion online every day, and even longer when it comes to browsing lingerie. As this is usually done in private, K-Lynn, a leading lingerie brand in the region took the opportunity to encourage women to also take charge of their breast health and spare a few minutes during this time to self-check for any early signs of breast cancer.

In their new campaign titled ‘Self-Check Out’, the brand re-shot its lingerie collections, turning typical lingerie model poses into a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a breast self-examination. As a collective, these images represent the potential life-saving steps that a woman can perform to detect abnormalities that could lead to breast cancer or other issues.

“In a recent study surveying Arab women across the region, more than 40% of them confessed to never having scheduled a mammogram screening, a fact that is reflected in the alarming rise of breast cancer cases in the region. A regular 5-minute self-check can help in early detection and increase survival rates by up to 99%. As a brand that directly engages with women in their most private moments, and believes in empowering them to feel truly confident, we felt we had a responsibility towards encouraging them to act in the best interest of their health”, says Ryan Sami Karam, Marketing Director at K-Lynn.

Visitors to K-Lynn’s website are invited to ‘self-check’ while they ‘check out’ offers on lingerie. While each self-check image serves as a visual guide on hand placement, accompanying text outlines how to perform the check correctly. In addition, the website chat bot menu offers additional resources on breast health, including a link to schedule a mammogram with some of the leading hospitals and clinics in the UAE.

Anu Bansal, MMBS, MS, Obstetrician and Gynecologist said “I commend K-Lynn for actively promoting the importance of regular breast self-examinations for women. By taking just a few minutes each month to perform these simple, non-invasive steps, women can take charge of their breast health and detect any potential issues early on, when they are most treatable. It’s a small but crucial step towards promoting overall health and wellbeing throughout the year rather than just for the month of Pink October.”

Kalpesh Patankar, Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett Dubai says, “E-commerce is one of the fastest rising channels today, offering new opportunities to innovate and directly engage with customers in a meaningful way. In the case of this project, the questions were: can shopping or browsing behaviour become purposeful? Can it make our customer’s own behaviour potentially life-saving? And I think the answer is a clear yes. It’s an idea that has the potential to travel far and even be adopted by other brands. As an agency, we are committed to acting as clients’ partners and continue to identify more such opportunities for innovation that live beyond communication ecosystems while also creating a meaningful impact for their consumers”.

Campaigns such as ‘Self-Check Out’ are part of a new wave of ‘creative commerce’ work from Publicis Groupe that’s aimed at transforming the way customers interact with brands at multiple touchpoints online, including the shopping journey.