Which brand has the highest conversion from creativity to effectiveness?


WARC has released ‘The Health of Creativity’ report based on its rankings analysis.

Each year, it tracks the results of the top regional and global award shows for creativity and effectiveness for the rankings.

It has assessed and compared the ranking data to see how many creative ideas were awarded for effectiveness, and if highly awarded campaigns were more likely to be effective.

The study revealed out of the 5,000+ creatively awarded campaigns analysed, 42 per cent of highly creative ideas are awarded for effectiveness, compared to 20 per cent for all creatively awarded ideas.

Amy Rodgers, Head of Content at WARC Creative, said: “Since we published the previous edition of ‘The Health of Creativity’ in 2021, there have been many studies proving how creativity supercharges effectiveness, so we wanted to see if the status of effectiveness of creatively awarded campaigns had changed.

“This latest research shows a marginal improvement over the last couple of years. Highly creative ideas awarded for effectiveness have increased from 39 per cent to 42 per cent and all creative ideas have upped their effectiveness from 18 per cent to 20 per cent.

“Analysis of individual brands in this study suggests that advertisers need to assess both the absolute effectiveness of their work and the contribution of creativity towards that commercial performance, to see the best impact from their marketing efforts.”

According to the six best campaigns, key insights highlighted, the most successful ideas across creativity and effectiveness focus on building brand value through television channels and use emotion as a creative strategy. Highly creative and effective ideas are more than twice as likely to lead with TV as any other channel.’

Creative telecoms and utilities ideas have the highest conversion to effectiveness.

Burger King is the most creatively awarded brand, while Coca-Cola has the highest conversion rate from creativity to effectiveness.

Ogilvy had the most awards for creative ideas, followed by BBDO Worldwide, however, BBDO has converted the highest absolute volume of them to effectiveness awards.

Whilst Dentsu has the lowest volume of creatively awarded ideas, at 37 per cent, Dentsu holds the highest conversion overall to effectiveness.