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How Carrefour leveraged influencers to enhance brand engagement

Carrefour, the leading retail chain, aimed to boost brand awareness and drive traffic to their stores through an influencer marketing campaign.

With a focus on engaging a wider audience and showcasing their diverse product offerings, Carrefour sought to collaborate with influencers across various niches.

The objective was to leverage the influencers’ reach and credibility to promote Carrefour’s brand message and encourage consumer engagement.

To achieve these objectives, a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy was advised:

Influencer Selection: A thorough selection process was undertaken to identify 15 influencers with diverse audiences and high engagement rates. Influencers from lifestyle, food, parenting, beauty, and fitness niches were chosen to ensure broad coverage and relevance to Carrefour’s target demographic.

Campaign Concept: The campaign centered around the theme of ‘Everyday Convenience at Carrefour’. Influencers were tasked with creating engaging content showcasing their shopping experiences at Carrefour stores, highlighting the convenience, variety, and quality of products available.

Content Creation: Influencers had creative freedom to develop content that resonated with their audience while incorporating key messaging about Carrefour’s value proposition. This included in-store vlogs, recipe tutorials featuring Carrefour products, hauls, and lifestyle shots in everyday scenarios.

Engagement Activation: To drive audience engagement and participation, influencers encouraged their followers to interact with Carrefour’s social media channels, participate in contests, and share their own Carrefour shopping experiences using campaign-specific hashtags.

The Carrefour influencer marketing campaign yielded impressive results:

Total Views: The collective content generated by the 15 influencers was a total of 4,548,175 views across various platforms.

Increased Brand Awareness: The campaign succeeded in raising awareness of Carrefour’s brand and offerings among the target audience, resulting in increased foot traffic to stores.

Positive Brand Perception: Influencer-generated content portrayed Carrefour as a convenient and trusted shopping destination, fostering positive brand perception
among consumers.

Community Engagement: The campaign encouraged active participation from consumers, who shared their own Carrefour experiences, recipes, and shopping hauls, further amplifying the campaign’s reach and impact.

Overall, the influencer marketing campaign proved to be a highly effective strategy for Carrefour, driving both brand awareness and consumer engagement while showcasing the convenience and value offered by Carrefour stores.