Hope, home and hospitality, by Anghami’s Sabine Oneissy

Anghami's Sabine Oneissy lists five things to keep in mind while planning for Ramadan this year.

For the second year in a row, Ramadan is taking place in the shadow of the pandemic. While restrictions are more lenient this year, Covid-19 is still a big part of our reality. As brands, adopting a consumer-centric approach is how we become more relevant to our users’ day-to-day life.

To better understand our MENA consumers this Ramadan, we launched a survey on Anghami, conducted by our partners at Choueiri Group. We’re sharing some of the insights and learnings to help you with your planning:

1. This year more than ever, Ramadan is perceived as a month of hope

Covid-19 challenges and restrictions are still affecting our lives and habits. Just like everyone else, our local community is affected by those restrictions.

Despite all this, 64 per cent of our Anghami community is looking forward to Ramadan as it brings them a lot of hope.

This is why, this year more than ever, hopeful and positive messaging is needed during the holy season to support the community throughout their journey.

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2. MENA consumers expect Ramadan to be as “normal” as possible – make sure your ads relate to their lifestyle and concerns

Last year, Ramadan was coupled with a state of confusion. Everything was closed, even mosques. People were not allowed to go out even to visit family and friends. Ramadan suddenly had a different meaning.

Today, for the second year in a row, the Muslim community will have to spend the Holy Month of Ramadan together yet apart.

Our MENA community is aware of the challenges, and is planning on taking all the needed precautions to be able to live Ramadan as normally as possible – while being socially responsible

52 per cent are expecting to have family gatherings and to visit friends and relatives (with restrictions).

48 per cent expect to live Ramadan rituals with restrictions (prayers in mosques, going out, gatherings, etc.).

25 per cent will be taking high precautions even if there are no restrictions.

3. Ramadan 2021 is happening at home – make sure your brand is invited

While going out is part of the Ramadan lifestyle, MENA consumers will favour staying safe at home as much as possible this year (86 per cent will stay at home or go out once a week only).

Cooking will happen at home

96 per cent of our Anghami community will be buying groceries, food and drinks products – which is 56 per cent higher than the usual; 36 per cent said they never order food during Ramadan.

Gatherings for Iftar and Suhoor will happen at home

46 per cent are planning on inviting people over for Iftar or Suhoor; 64 per cent said they will go out, but to a family member’s house.

Entertainment from home

For eight years now we’ve been catering for our MENA community. One thing is clear: when it comes to entertainment and spirituality, each person finds their own balance and chooses to live Ramadan in their own way. This is why we give our users the freedom to adapt their Anghami experience in the best way to suit their lifestyle: focus on spirituality alone, on entertainment alone, or a mix of both.

Whether they want to listen to spiritual content or entertaining content, audio is with them throughout the day.

According to the survey, while listening our users are 59 per cent using social media; 41 per cent working out; 34 per cent cooking; 27 per cent gathering with friends and family; 25 per cent driving; 19 per cent shopping; 16 per cent other.

Watching series is one of our users’
favourite activities

Ramadan TV series soundtracks are some of the users’ most streamed content. In fact,
70 per cent of series soundtracks made it to charts during Ramadan 2020. 71 per cent use video-on-demand platforms during Ramadan. 56 per cent plan on subscribing to Netflix, 41 per cent to Shahid.
Many shop online, from home

While they love shopping in physical stores, our users plan on buying some products online. 

53 per cent will be shopping in physical stores; 35 per cent will be shopping online; 12 per cent will be shopping both online and in physical stores.

4. Outings, shopping and staycations are part of Ramadan/Eid planning – keep your brand top of mind.

Last year, MENA consumers were hesitant to spend and go out; however, they do plan on shopping and going out this year.

81 per cent plan on going to shopping malls while respecting the restrictions.

63 per cent take care of their beauty during Ramadan and said that they will be buying beauty products this year: 84 per cent skincare; 63 per cent hair care; 51 per cent perfume; 33 per cent lipstick and eye makeup; 22 per cent face makeup.

48 per cent plan on going out to restaurants from time to time. 59 per cent of them would pick a fast-food restaurant.

79 per cent consider going on Eid staycations while respecting the restrictions.

5. All brands can be relevant during Ramadan

Relevant communication always strikes the right tone for users when targeted at the right time. It’s also important to adapt your communication strategy to each platform to make the users’ ad experience more relevant and engaging.

Understanding your audience is the first step for an effective communication strategy. We hope these insights and learnings will help you with your Ramadan planning. You can find our full report online.