Hills Advertising partners with Lemma

Hills Advertising, an out-of-home advertising company, has announced its partnership with Lemma, an independant supply side platform.

Hills will use Lemma’s independent supply-side platform to provide new automated, quantifiable, and readily available digital outdoor inventory to launch marketing campaigns programmatically in the UAE. The partnership highlights Lemma’s fundamental capability of ingesting live data triggers to sync campaigns with pertinent times and broadcast advertisements on DOOH screens in real-time while enabling advertisers to execute their campaigns through any global DSP.

Hills and Lemma are currently effectively and efficiently executing one of the first programmatic campaigns in the United Arab Emirates. This campaign aims to serve as a case study for the technology and its practical uses in outdoor advertising.

Hiba Momani, GM of Hills Advertising, said, “The potential of Programmatic outdoor platforms as a medium is enormous, and it is advancing fast. Hills is exceptionally eager to move forward and expand the scope within its media in the UAE with programmatic technology & Lemma.”

Sabairsh Pillai, VP, programmatic, Lemma, Said, “Programmatic DOOH campaigns are on the rise and providing premium quality inventory becomes imperative. Partnering with Hills advertising assures our global clients that their campaigns are not only targeted but also served on high-impact large format screens across the UAE.”