Heinz launches world’s first ever ketchup insurance policy

Heinz Arabia is known for its fun and creative campaigns, which have also been award-winning

Heinz Arabia continues to push the boundaries of creativity, by launching the world’s first ever ketchup insurance policy.

 The brand has developed a comprehensive insurance and benefits package covering 57 different types of claims “for those who believe that Heinz always worth the risk”.

Heinz Arabia is known for its fun and creative campaigns and last November launched the ‘Slowmaster 57’, the world’s first ketchup ramp.

It was inspired by the Heinz ‘quantifier’ – a machine used at its factories around the world to evaluate the thickness and consistency of every single batch of Heinz Ketchup.

Double-lid bottle

Last April, Heinz Arabia launched a new Heinz Ketch-Up & Down double-lid bottle, a limited edition creation from FP7 McCann, Dubai.

The timing of the announcement had people asking if it was an April Fool’s Day stunt. But it was a genuine product and had the desired effect of getting people talking.


Heinz’s entertaining campaigns have also been award winners. It’s Unstainable Thobe campaign created by Wunderman Thompson, Dubai won Brand Experience & Activation category at Dubai Lynx in 2023.

And Heinzjack, a campaign focused around the World Cup in Qatar, won the Outdoor award for Heinz, created by FP7 McCann, also at last year’s Dubai Lynx Festival of Creativity.

The ketchup insurance follows the rich flow of creativity coming out of Heinz.

“From stains on carpets and clothing to splatters on your pet, ceiling, or sofa, the insurance is designed to provide swift and hassle-free compensation to affected individuals,” the press release stated.

Heinz lovers in the UAE will have the opportunity to redeem compensation through a range of rewards, including home cleaning services, laundry assistance, handyman services, and even spa treatments.

Passant El Ghannam, Head of Marketing at Kraft Heinz MEA, said: “We’re rolling out ketchup insurance – to turn messy moments into pure joy and convenience for our die-hard fans, letting them enjoy their ketchup incidents worry-free.”