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FP7 McCann Dubai and Dejavu create films ‘The Wise Ones’ for Emirates NBD

The Wise Ones: Emirates NBD combines customer data with creative storytelling.

In the United Arab Emirates, in a study conducted in Q4 2019 about evolving consumer behaviours in a data economy, over 48% people stated how they are more willing to share their data and have their data used by a company, ethically, if it makes their life more rewarding and easier.
Given the existing financial crisis where people have become more conscious of the value they get from the things and the experiences that they spend their hard-earned money on, financial prudence and literacy are not just a “nice-to-have” but an imperative in one’s life.
So, Emirates NBD has taken an untapped approach from a bank, using customer data ethically and meaningfully, by combining that data with cre

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