FoxPush announces new demand side platform

FoxPush Publishers and advertisers AD Tech solutions have announced the launch of their new  demand side platform (DSP).

FoxPush expanded its AD-Tech services wherein advertisers can run their campaigns while targeting  audiences with the use of modern artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to help them increase their ad’s relevance and spend their budgets in the right place.

Through the new DSP, advertisers get access to data management platforms, without any additional commission fee and can reach a marketplace of  websites (FoxPush network), ad exchanges, and supply-side platforms in different environments; Web, App (Android & ios), and, mobile.

A demand-side platform is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchanges and data exchange accounts through one interface.

“With the FoxPush DSP, your teams are well positioned to identify, reach, and buy with precision. We provide an elegant user experience for the seamless activation of your campaigns, across channels, real-time backed by your proprietary data. We are the first DSP in the MENA region with Arabic language flexible and sophisticated targeting capabilities, helping advertisers reach the users by their behaviors, interests, geo-fencing, etc. Moreover, FoxPush user-friendly DSP centralises the ad-buying process, allowing advertisers to have a wide cross-channel reach from a single source,” said FoxPush in a statement.

Any advertiser willing to run any type of campaigns can run it in nanoseconds, especially lead campaigns; an automated machine learning technology is in place to qualify the leads by customising a recorded phone call that follows up on the lead acquisition to guarantee a better ROI to the client.

Finally, FoxPush DSP will be able to provide advertisers with real time campaigns monitoring and detailed end of campaign reports.

Commenting on the partnership, Imad Jomaa, founder and president of JGroup (pic tured left), said “Knowing that our market and field are both very competitive, we decided to stand out from the crowd and innovate with the use of AI and Tech. Our vision, as JGroup, was always toward growth and distinguishing innovations. And with this new Platform, I believe we will make a big difference!”



Ahmed El Sayed, chief operations officer at FoxPush, said “We believed in Tech and worked hard to build up FoxPush DSP that incorporates both AI and machine learning in a very user-friendly manner. Innovation in technology is never a bad investment, especially automation that became a “must” in this emerging world where businesses search for ways to facilitate their lives, by accessing and executing campaigns in an effective and efficient way to reach their goals. As a COO of FoxPush, and on behalf of the whole team, we are so proud to be introducing this new Platform to the World!”