Four days to go until Athar – Saudi Festival of Creativity

Coming up in the next four days is Athar – the Saudi Festival of Creativity. 

As a platform for the creative marketing community in the Kingdom, the two-day festival will include networking opportunities, insightful panels, and special programmes for women and young talent. 

Keeping up with the number four, the festival is divided into four different zones: Empowerment, Engagement, Innovation, and Arts, Culture and Heritage. 

Each of the zones will focus on specific content streams and will feature meet-up sessions, a dedicated content stream, a lounge and an activation area. 

Empowerment Zone

Named as Empowerment, the zone adds emphasis to empowering Saudi Youth. 

The content will look at how Saudi Vision 2030 plays a role in empowering Saudi Youth and a new breed of communicators and marketers.

The zone will also cover the six Young Athar Academies which focus on Branding and design, Copywriting, Innovation, Planning, PR and Social communications. 

Arts Culture & Heritage Zone 

At the heart of creativity in Saudi is localisation. And a distinctive Saudi character 

is built on values, heritage, and culture. 

Sponsored by UTurn, the Arts Culture & Heritage Zone will set up a culture showcase to examine the role arts, culture, and heritage play in the creativity of the future.


Building on the term engagement, the zone will feature live broadcasting, interviews, and podcasts.

Powered by MBC Media Solutions, the zone will act as a media hub that powers and empowers people.


What lies ahead for the creativity industry?

The fourth and final zone, sponsored by Nuss, is the festival’s area for future gazing. 

It explores how the industry can collaborate and create the future and the role of innovation and technology. 

Each of the festival zones will also act as a networking hub to bring people who are interested in similar subject matters together. 

Apart from zones, the festival features two stages, over 30 hours of content from international and regional industry leaders with over 1,500 attendees from across the MENA region and beyond.

The festival will become the hub for inspiration, collaborative innovation and celebration where you can connect with the region’s most influential brands and creatives.

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