Fork Media launches AI-based ContextAd technology

India-based media tech company Fork Media Group has announced the launch of ContextAd, which will be targeting the GCC market and which the company describes as “a programmatic platform to enable marketers adopt a holistic approach towards digital advertising”.

It says that, having delivered over 1000+ brand campaigns through the managed service route, the programmatic platform of ContextAds is an advancement to the digital advertising offering of Fork Media Group. ContextAds enables brands to take a well-informed ad decision through its AI/ML backed platforms while helping marketers establish a stronger brand connect. Through this platform, brands get granular details like sentiments, entities, content categories, user intent and hence they don’t have to rely on just a bunch of keywords and categories to make ad decisions.

ContextAds is an SSP with a data management platform backed by one of its kind combinations of context and audience data married with crucial factors like content quality, brand safety, and viewability. The platform gives marketeers access to over 100+ publications across India, GCC & SEA regions. Through ContextAds, marketeers can process the image. article text, headline categorization to not only deliver context but also deliver other extremely relevant parameters such as brand safety including dynamically striking off nudity, violence, negative social trend through entity extraction.

This enables brands to target audience / context or both for a particular category that marries itself seamless to their product’s attributes.

In addition to helping marketeers, Fork Media Group is also helping publishers to improve the yield optimisation of advertising space inventory on websites to minimise wasted space and maximise views. Talking about the new launch, Sammar Verma (pictured), Founder & Group CEO, Fork Media Group, says,” The platform was built with a view to solve the problem of declining yield on display for publishers. We have always viewed the conventional display formats to be broken and hence, we identified context as a key missing link in the whole chain. Through this platform, we aim to bring back the incremental value on inventory through context. Historically, context has existed in the market primarily through key-word targeting and, in our view, that approach is highly inaccurate so technologically we have taken this light years ahead with AI & ML. We have now added layers of audience to our context data and programmatic capabilities to further enhance context delivery and monetization respectively.”

Adding his thoughts on the relevance building aspect offered by the platform, Nikhil Sheth – CTO Fork Media, says, “Our proprietary ContextAds technology scans content and images across millions of pages, helping you to target contextually relevant pages. Our page screening technology also ensures that your brand is never advertised on pages with any inappropriate content. Along with this, our audience targeting helps you to target right audience based on their interest and behaviour. By combining power of page context, content safety and right audience, we make sure that your reach the right audience all the time.”

Talking about leveraging a tech-forward approach, Santosh Khandekar – Product Head, Context Ads says, “With ContextAds, we are aiming to revolutionize the ad-decision model while delivering a controlled and scalable media buying experience through the Private Marketplace (PMP). Our proprietary technology managed to combine the Audience with Context to get a conclusive understanding of the user’s past activities and present content consumption, helping brands deliver personalized brand awareness through innovative ads.”