Flormar gives itself a makeover with a fresh face

Makeup brand Flormar presented its refreshed brand identity and unveiled its 2030 vision at an international launch event held in Dubai.

The event saw the introduction of Flormar‘s latest slogan, “Happiness is your color”.

It also saw the appointment of Turkish singer Zeynep Bastık as the brand’s latest ambassador.

Earlier this year at an event held in Turkey, the brand revealed a new logo, along with refreshed visuals, packaging and store designs.

The logo redesign saw the addition of the bolder single letter “f” to represent the brand’s name flormar.

According to Flormar, keeping in line with its happiness themed slogan, its commitment “to spreading joy extends beyond aesthetic changes”.

The brand aims to “uplift the mood of makeup lovers” over the world by providing them with “high-performance” makeup products at “happy prices”.

Flormar‘s refreshed branding including its logo, packaging, visuals, and store designs aims to align with its new slogan and vision.

The launch event also provided a platform for Flormar to share its 2030 vision with international business partners.

“Flormar 2030 vision is to become a key player in the overall make-up universe. To do so, Flormar will continue to develop a high-quality offer considering both product efficacy and customer experience.

“And Flormar will accelerate its international development, relying on business partners capable of building the brand on their own markets while delivering outstanding quality of execution on the field,” Matthieu Gomart, CEO of Flormar, said in a statement from Groupe Rocher, the group owner of Flormar.

Matthieu Gomart, CEO of Flormar, also highlighted the significance of the brand’s new identity, “With our new brand identity, which will be an important milestone for our brand, we are creating our 2030 vision to be among the top 3 brands in the mass segment all over the world.

“Thanks to our teams and equity, as well as you, our valued partners, our brand is becoming more and more attractive and known. We are moving together to become a global love mark in Turkey and beyond.”

Flormar also said that it anticipates United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, and Pakistan to play a pivotal role in the brand’s growth since the brand enjoys significant brand awareness and presence in these countries.