Flick advertising joins forces with Eywa

Eywa, the real estate project that focuses on sustainable living, has announced a partnership with Flick advertising to set up a direct sales kiosk at Dubai’s DWC VIP Terminal for private jets.

Alex Zagrebelny, CEO of R.Evolution that developed Eywa, says: “The motto of our company is In 5 Dimensions With 7 Senses.”

According to the companies, with a footfall of over 54,000 VVIP travellers annually, Flick Advertising’s overtake of the media assets within DWC VIP Terminal, offers a straightforward and impactful, luxury approach to targeting the high-profile clients at the terminal.

This targeted strategy is to ensure that the advertising efforts are precise and waste-free, which is vital for reaching a market of high-purchasing power clients.

Flick’s reach goes beyond Dubai as they are expanding this approach to other locations including Abu Dhabi, London, Paris, and upcoming sites in Oman and Morocco.