Five ads I wish I’d made, and one I did – by Geometry’s Julian Hernandez

By Julian Hernandez, ECD, Geometry MENA.

Most people say life after this pandemic will gradually go back to normal. But the fact is, if we are not totally stupid, this crisis is giving us the opportunity to learn. A lot.

From the astounding positive environmental impact of this big pause, to the normalization of telework and the importance of social inclusion for a better, fairer world.

And that’s precisely the field from which I’ve selected some spectacular work, I envy with wholeheartedly.


1. Line. 2018. Ministry of Technology and Communications, Colombia. From MullenLowe SSP3.

Information and Inclusion. ‘My Line’ aims to bring mobile internet access to people without a computer or smartphone.

Brilliant use of technology with a big social purpose. And much respect to an agency that, since its inception, aimed to be amongst the very best in the world, and that actually delivers amazingness year after year.

2. Payphone Bank. 2017. Tigo/Une, Colombia. From Grey.

Financial inclusion. Repurposing the city’s payphone network into a micro-savings system for the poorest.

Classic ‘making the invisible, visible’. Imagine the potential of system like this in the Middle East.

3. Kingo Energy. 2018. Kingo Energy. From Ogilvy Colombia / Ogilvy Guatemala.

Energetic inclusion. This is a commercial innovation created to unlock worldwide access to clean energy. And a big lesson: when we collaborate, we win.

4. We’re The Superhumans. 2016. Channel 4, UK. Blink.

What has not been said about this film? One of my favorites. Ever. Reframing what a disability is, with elegance and contagious optimism.

5. Boost Your Voice. 2017. Boost Mobile. 180 Los Angeles.

Voter inequality is a big thing. And with the current outbreak, it’s clear a vast number of citizens will be affected in time for the US elections.

Political dialogue is paramount for a healthy society.

A piece that makes me proud?

Hidden Influencers. 2019. Dasani Pakistan. Geometry MENA.

This is probably the most touching campaign of my career. Makes you realize how you take so many things for granted.

In collaboration with an amazing client, we witnessed the efforts of different women in Pakistan pushing for societal change. We created a campaign around them, amplifying their existing social media presence so their voice could be heard louder than ever before. Digital visibility.