Zee Alwan Announces its line-up for Ramadan 2020

Zee Alwan is always keen to present everything that is varied in Ramadan. Adding more colors to its well-known spectrum, Zee Alwan will present Arabic, Indian and Turkish drama & comedy series alongside prank and cookery shows. So, here is a short view of what awaits you in Ramadan on the channel.

With the diversity of programs, cooking programs remain distinctive in one way or another. Even with the similarity of recipes, each chef must add a different touch to his/her dishes, and we must learn something new from each one of them. In Ramadan specifically, it is a chance for the chefs of the house to showcase their cooking talents and skills which become even more challenging with the Stay at home routine where variety becomes a need. For this reason, Zee Alwan will air an exclusive cooking program Baytak w Matbakhak, where you will learn how to prepare delicious and tasty authentic Arabic dishes with simple and easy to prepare recipes. With a range of delicious appetizers, signature main dishes and delicious desserts, Baytak w Matbakhak program will make cooking easy and turn everyone to a professional chef! The program will be aired daily during Ramadan, exclusively on Zee Alwan.

And of course, the Ramadan atmosphere is incomplete without the largest and most successful Indian dramas. Zee Alwan will present the second season of the most requested Indian series Qubool, in addition to the biggest Arabic series like Haramlek, Forsa Akhira and the one of its kind comedy series, Psycho. Also, for the fans of Turkish drama, Maral will complete the mix to satisfy the watching appetite of every viewer.