Etihad Airways ‘cabin crew’ jump from plane Mission: Impossible style

The airline shared a high-energy video featuring staff parachuting from a plane in an ode to the Tom Cruise franchise

Etihad Airways has been reaching for the skies based on a high-energy video it has shared online with the slogan: At Etihad, Nothing Is Impossible. Impact BBDO is credited as the agency behind the video.

The 45-second YouTube video shows cabin crew jumping from a plane in a Mission: Impossible style clip. It is an ode to the airline’s links to Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, the latest instalment in Tom Cruise’s film franchise.

The video has the title Etihad Cabin Crew Training – the Final Mission and features five people wearing Etihad flight attendants’ uniforms leaping out of the rear door

As the crew free-fall they play the well-known Mission: Impossible theme tune on the violin, electric guitar and an electronic drum pad.

“At Etihad, nothing is impossible. From meticulous training to exceptional dedication, our crew is the best in the skies,” the caption states.

The high-flying stunt is the latest in a series of promotional campaigns for the film, which shot key scenes at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Etihad has also released a number of discounted fares promoting its association with Mission: Impossible, calling them ‘Impossible Deals’.

The airline has also unveiled Mission: Impossible livery on one of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes and summer in-flight promotions for passengers, including cinema-style snacks and Mission: Impossible-themed mocktails.