Entourage appoints Vincent Drevet as Head of Creative

Vincent joins the entourage leadership team as part of the agency’s expansion strategy

Entourage has appointed Vincent Drevet as Head of Creative.

A designer from France, Drevet brings with him over two decades of experience spanning diverse disciplines of the creative realm.

These include branding and advertising, digital communications, game design, TV production, and sound design.

Drevet joins the leadership team as part of the agency’s expansion strategy.

Mohammed Tayem,  founder and CEO at Entourage, said: “In the beginning of this year, we laid out an ambitious five-year growth strategy that would allow us to expand our client portfolio across verticals, and strengthening our teams is the cornerstone to realizing this growth.

“The idea is to create a robust structure that allows us to meet the current demands and is flexible to expand and accommodate all future requirements.

“We want to continue offering specialized, tailored, and innovative immersive experiences to the global, regional & local clients whom we are honored to serve every day.”

Capitalising on the market growth in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Entourage implemented its five-year growth plan at the beginning of 2023 and announced 35 new positions for the year, and 23 of these positions have been successfully filled.

These include, Vincent Drevet, Head of Creative, Ziad Faour, Head of Strategy, Ali Hamade, Head of Events & Technology, Shereen Khoury, People & Culture Manager, Manasvini Rizvi, Head of Marcom and Mohammed Idries, Head of Finance.