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Elon Musk announces two subscription tiers for X

Elon Musk has announced that X, formerly known as Twitter, will be soon rolling out two types of premium subscription.

The X owner took it to the platform to make this announcement via a tweet.

He said that the two tiers would be differentiated by advertisements.

The first tier, that comes with all features of the social media platform, will charge users a low-cost for access. However, there would be no reduction in the amount of advertisements.

The second tier, albeit more expensive, would come completely ad-free for the user.

He said that the tiers would be launching soon. However, he did not specify a time-frame for when and how long the platform would adopt the new tiers.

Pay-to-use social media

The announcement comes as no surprise, since Musk has already started charging few countries for basic access.

Earlier this week, the company started charging new users $1 in New Zealand and the Philippines.

Users who don’t opt to subscribe and wish to use it for free will only be able to read the content.

Non-subscribers will not be able to interact with the tweets or write their own. They will only be able to watch and read content and follow users.

A play at making back lost revenue?

The platform has been in the news and gone through its ups and downs since Musk’s takeover last year in October.

Musk’s rapid changes, including mass layoffs and disbanding content moderation teams, has led to advertisers halting ads on the service, according to Reuters.

The news agency also reported that Musk acknowledged that the platform took a hit  on its revenue due to this.

The platform then offered the users the option to become premium subscribers by charging them $8 for a blue tick.

X is not the only platform that’s shifting to different paid models, with most platforms now moving from a growth-based strategy to a more profitable strategy.

Earlier this year, Meta also rolled out a subscription model for its blue ticks on its platforms.

Streaming giant Netflix also indicated a hike in prices for its ad-free model and opting to create a free advertising-based video on demand model for its users.