Dubai-based RAW introduces Matic: maintaining results on a reduced budget

RAW Agency, the digital arm of Publinet Network, has taken its experience and knowledge in the digital realm a step further to develop an integrated product that delivers on all marketing and promotional needs while reducing marketing budgets.

Labelled ‘Matic,’ this new product advances upon the systematic push of digital mediums by establishing a launch pad for clients from which their desired content is positioned and shared to the exact demographic and target audience that would have been agreed upon based on established data sets and KPIs.

Mohammed Ajawi, managing director at RAW, said: “The communication field has been continuously evolving and where once generational changes defined new mediums, such as the transition from print to online and digital, we are now witnessing an era where we speak in days if not hours. Matic is a culmination of our combined experiences and a product that was developed explicitly with brands in mind who would seek to get the best out of their budgets, irrespective of their values.”

Derived from the Greek suffix -matic, which means ‘willing to,’ Matic was developed to deliver on all client needs no matter the situation, service, product, or content. No longer will budgets be needlessly spent or squandered: RAW ensures that every potential customer or engaged audience is intended with the highest possible conversion rates.

Ahmad Zandaqoi, head of Matic, commented: “Our platform and systematic methodologies will enable any advertiser, regardless of their size or budget, to benefit from hyper targeted digital advertisements and overachieve on their objectives. By taking ownership of the full process, we packaged Matic as an incredible solution to widen the opportunities available for every advertiser.”

Brands looking to up their game in this new chapter of digital communication and take advantage of the most advanced strategies on the market should reach out to RAW on raw.agency and map out their journey towards fulfilment and success.