Do you need to pay to use X now?

Following Elon Musk’s recent announcement that X would be introducing two subscription tiers, the platform has finally launched it paid tiers.

As part of its paid offering, X offers three different ways to interact with the platform: Basic, Premium and Premium+.

When the platform initially announced the paid tiers, it seemed that there would be no free access, but it seems like users can still use the platform for free.

The question comes down to what are features are each of these tiers offering that free users can’t use.

The Premium and Premium+ tiers have most number of features, spanning across the categories, enhanced experience, creator hub, verification & security and customisation.

Below mentioned are all features that X will be offering for its paid tiers.









However all the features won’t be available across all the tiers.

The Premium+ tier will have access to all the features in the images, while the Premium tier will miss out on a completely adfree experience.

The premium tier will be still subjected to advertisements, but on a lesser scale. X has said that Premium users will “see approximately half the ads in the for you and following timelines”. 

Users will have to shell out AED 58 per month for Premium+ and AED 29 per month for Premium.

On the other hand, the basic plan will not feature most of the features and will be heavily supported by ads.

While users will have access to the enhanced experience options such as edit and undo post, they won’t have access to creator hub features along with a checkmark and ID verification.

The basic is on the cheaper side of the charges, costing AED 10.88 per month.

These packages are available for the individual user.

The Verified Organisations level costs a whopping AED 3,700 per month to use, with charges for each additional associated account.

What do the free users lose?

While some of the features are new to even previous users, X has added certain features behind a paywall.

Free users will no longer be able to download videos or experience background video playback.

They won’t be able to have the privilege of end-to-end encryption for their messages.

While paid users will have end-to-end encryption provided both parties are paying subscribers.

So, do you need to pay to use X now?

Not yet, is the verdict.  If you can do away

However, X also announced an annual fee to use the platform. It is yet to be announced when the new fee for all users will be rolled out.