Digital Media Services outperforms global branded content engagement benchmarks by 67%.


Regional Leader in Dubai Grows Branded Content Business by 6X With Strong Campaign Performance With Polar’s Native Distribution.
Headquartered in Dubai, Digital Media Services (DMS), a Choueiri Group brand, has extensive reach across a portfolio of 40+ premium digital properties. DMS reaches a massive audience with over 135 million unique users per month, generating over 2 billion page views and serving over 4.3 billion ads. DMS represents digital properties across a wide spectrum of industries including men’s and women’s lifestyle, sports, news, entertainment, technology, automotive, and trade. DMS drives millions of page views and engagement with branded content through dynamic native formats with Polar. Out-of-the-box headline and thumbnail optimization ensures strong click-through rates (CTR) by automatically identifying the best performing creative assets.

DMS Delivers Strong Performance For Advertisers, Driving Millions of Engaged Views to Premium Branded Content.
Over the past two years, DMS consistently achieved strong pageviews growth–increasing by more than 46 percent on a compound quarter-over-quarter basis. Likewise, the average number of pageviews delivered per campaign has grown 32 percent since first implementing Polar. Advertisers throughout the Middle East are choosingto execute branded content with DMS because of their focus on driving pageviews with quality engagement.

“Our team developed a strong partnership with Polar over the past two years. We represent over 30 premium publishers in the region that not only have the scale but also the high engagement brands are looking for. Partnering with Polar has provided us with the right technology needed to run branded content and offered us the essential information needed when putting together the strategy behind driving more user engagement.”
Michel Malkoun, Chief Operating Officer – Digital Media Services.

Branded Content Engagement Times Outperform Global Benchmarks by 67% With LifestyleFocused Content Leading the Pack.
Branded content delivers an average engagement time of 185 seconds per pageview across all core digital properties. Compared to Polar’s latest Benchmarks Report, DMS outperforms the global average time spent (ATS) by 74 seconds beating other publishers by 67 percent.

“It has been great to see DMS develop into a true branded content leader among publishers in the Middle East. Amongst all our partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), they consistently execute and deliver impressive program performance for advertisers. Our close partnership provides a strong foundation for continued innovation and platform enhancements for publishers in the region.”
Tom Jenen, Chief Commercial Officer – Polar.

Lifestyle sites are keeping viewers engaged for the longest time. At an average of 202 seconds, both men’s and women’s lifestyle categories have an average engagement time of almost three and a half minutes. Lifestyle-oriented content is typically longer in length and has a heavy storytelling element to it, which explains the higher engagement compared to other categories.

Clicks to Branded Content OutperformGlobal Benchmarks by 53%.
DMS has boasted a strong aggregate CTR of 0.46% across all of its core digital properties throughout the last 12 months. DMS outperforms global publisher performance benchmarks by 53 percent. Across its four core categories, news and entertainment-focused properties experienced the strongest CTR performance.

“The platform truly enables our team to confidently sell, execute and deliver content programs for major advertisers in the region. Ultimately our strong performance with Polar is allowing us to continue scaling branded content across all of our properties under a centralized platform.” 
Carol Matta, Product Director, Native Advertising – Digital Media Services.