DDB signs deal with new affiliate in Oman

DDB has partnered with a new agency in Oman, bringing to a formal end its former affiliation in the country.

The global network has signed an agreement with the Muscat-based Advertising International Company (ADINC), one of Oman’s leading advertising agencies and part of the Omzest Group. It has not been disclosed why DDB’s previous affiliation with OHI (DDB Oman) has come to an end, although the partnership is understood to have been terminated at the beginning of the year.

The new agency, called ADINC DDB, is now the exclusive representative of DDB in Oman and is headed up by CEO Radha Mukherji, who was previously executive director of DDB Oman.

Patrick Ehringer, president of DDB Middle East and Africa, said: “DDB was among the first international networks to establish its presence in Oman way back in 1996. And it continues to be an important market for us. When choosing a partner in any market, we look for compatibility with our beliefs and values, strong local reputation of the agency and the group it belongs to and most important, the talent of its people.

“In ADINC we believe we have found it all and look forward to breaking new ground in this market with this new partnership. ADINC DDB clients will now have access to global network support, a vast corpus of knowledge and skilled resources to help grow the value and influence of their brands. Radha Mukherji, has been the face of DDB in Oman for the last 16 years, so we are happy to have her back on board full time as the CEO of ADINC DDB to make the transition smooth and seamless.”

Mukherji added: “ADINC has been one of the leading agencies in Oman since it was set up in 1991, with several national and international awards to its credit. The Omzest Group, of which ADINC is part, is one of the largest and most respected groups in the country. The agency today has a good mix of group and non-group clients. The ADINC DDB association will help bring best interna-tional practices into every aspect of communication. We look forward to developing ideas that will spiral into virals and grow the influence of our clients’ brands.”

DDB is part of Omnicom.