Showcasing the power of creativity at Dubai Lynx

Creativity is a driver of business. Creativity drives progress for innovation. Creativity impacts people, businesses and society positively.

These were some of the topics discussed at ‘Creativy Matters’ hosted by Dubai Lynx, MENA’s creative marketing community hub.

Every year in partnership with WARC, Dubai Lynx analyses Cannes Lions work and winning pieces. This year work was selected from 52 countries and over 70 jury presidents, jurors and winners were interviewed to get the inside scoop on the work.

The event aimed to gather marketers, agencies and youth to understand global trends, network and build relationships.

The programme was kicked off by Kamille Marchant, Festival Director at Dubai Lynx and Thea Skelton, VP Events at Lions. It included a rich agenda exploring five themes, winning work to show the tools and techniques in play, including how creativity drives impact and business outcomes.

Thea Skelton, VP Events at Lions, said:”We need to connect the dots between marketing actions and the business outcomes, not just in terms of marketing measures. For creativity to drive growth, it needs to have a clear purpose and a clear mission. In our philosophy, what we really believe that creativity must be at the service of solving business and consumer problems.

“This is how we correctly use creativity to drive growth. We wanted to essentially put a number on creativity. And what we have seen is, since we launched this campaign in the last year, we’ve seen a 62 percent lift in our return on assets.

“Its important to think about it holistically, how are we being creative across every touchpoint? That’s what drives the difference. Difference is what drives the price path. Price path is what drives your profits alongside your sales.  

So creative impact is what everyone is trying to achieve. And it’s what the Cannes Lions Festival is all about. Creativity that not only stops you in your tracks, but also delivers business results.” 

Kamille Marchant also gave an overview of the entry process and a presentation covering ‘What’s New for Dubai Lynx for 2024’, which included:

  • Evolved the branded gaming section in the Entertainment Lynx
  • A refresh Media Lynx
  • Introduced categories that celebrate creative business transformation across Brand Experience & Activation and PR Lynx
  • Retired the Mobile Lynx
  • Included meta verse categories across the Lynx Awards
  • Embedded optional questions around sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion into the entry process
  • Included cultural context questions across all categories