Creative Industry Summit: A network that accelerates creative economy

The latest edition of Creative Industry Summit (C-S) is an exceptional story that contributes to the acceleration of the creative economy in Egypt, KSA, Lebanon and the MENA region.

In their latest edition, C-S welcomed all the creative minds, from students to CEOs in a no-border hub, to engage in shaping the future of the creative economy via encompassing all sectors and aspects that should be encapsulated to increase the threshold of creativity. This edition had sections dedicated to allowing individuals connect, network and hold meetings throughout the summit.

Mai Salama, co-founder of Creative Industry Summit, said: “Through a four-day festival that included panel discussions, performances, activations and engagements immersed into creativity, we came back bigger and stronger than ever. We were the “first-movers” to host the creative economy dialogue by extending cooperation with local, regional and international giants, from inventors to innovators. By including hundreds of speakers, we brought the top-notch gurus in all industries to collaboratively and practically build the future of the creative economy”.

C-S is more than a platform; it is a creative-based network that diffuses infotainment content to cultivate ideas that can be transformed into lucrative businesses. The most valuable and distinguishable keystone of their network, is to always shed the spotlight on unprecedented solutions in all fields and arenas, while bringing to the stage interlocutors in order to help everyone reach their next level of success and contribute into building the creative economy!”

C-S gathered notable personalities from the MENA region, who brought their incredible experience to the audience. Some of the respected attendees were the directors Amr Salama, Mohamed El-Zayat, Tamer Mahdy, Ahmed Hussein and Aziz Al jasmi. In music, they met Tarek Nojara and the rapper Wegz. In the film industry, they invited many of the inspiring actors including, Ahmed Amin, Amina Khalil, Adham El Sharkawy, and Ahmed Dash, as well as the scriptwriter Mariam Naoum.

Salama added, “We are the first and only to extend our country’s creative network regionally. We are hosting our upcoming edition in KSA, bringing together thousands of attendees who will witness a parade of inspiring stories and innovative ideas that can be turned into reality”. This is attributable to their latest edition that was portrayed in an extension of more than 24 tracks. The covered areas included: sustainability, mental wellness, e-gamming, physical sports, e-commerce, technology, fashion, art, advertising, marketing, media, film, acting, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and much more! The summit exclusively hosted music performances, exhibitions, workshops, course talks, panels, fireside chats, etc. Moreover, featuring 53-panel discussions and 8 workshops.

Salama concluded, “We were so lucky to have fruitful collaborations with our partners, who did not hesitate to lend us their expertise.” The Network had strategic partnerships with some of the most innovative and leading companies in the sphere today, namely; Heartwork by Mountain view, which brings happiness to the workplace, MOUNT PR, Nojara, Isobar, Cairo Log, Cinematech, and many more!

Additionally, they partnered with Balaconah, the incredible creative platform from the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, Saudi Arabia, to bring some of the most creative minds from KSA to the heart of Cairo.