Contour Media expands outdoor offerings in Sharjah

Rabih Adnan, managing director of Contour Mediia.

Contour Media Part of J GROUP, a provider of out-of-home media solutions, has been granted exclusive rights to manage the advertising concession in four key high-traffic locations in Sharjah, delivering  coverage across diverse audience segments.

To ensure cost-effective reach, Contour Media will drive outdoor advertising through multiple formats across the emirate. This includes bridge banners at Al Nahda Street Sahara Bridge and Al Qasimia Crystal Bridge and LED megacoms around the Khalid Lake Trail and Al Wahda Street.

As one of the most effective outdoor media for results-oriented communication, the two bridge banner locations feature high visibility to optimise brand awareness of local, national, and international advertisers. Each banner, guarantees excellent visibility during the day and at night and can connect and interact with large groups of potential customers in record time.

The placement of the LED megacoms along the popular landmark Khalid Lake Trail and bustling Al Wahda Street is designed to deliver consistent brand messaging at regular touchpoints to attract the attention of a large and diverse audience and provide maximum exposure to customers.

Imad Jomaa, president of J group and Rabih Adnan, managing director of Contour Media, said: “As a leading provider of out-of-home advertising solutions, we are excited to expand into the OOH market in Sharjah as we see potential for advertisers and brands to reach consumers in the emirate at multiple touch points during the day and at night through eye-catching media. We also hope to improve and add more media in Sharjah in the future to reach the widest possible audience.”