Consumer Attention guaranteed with Project Agora’s pay-for-results “One Video” Solution

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Project Agora, one of the leading Media Technology companies in EMEA, is introducing One Video, its pay-for-results cross-screen video offering that enables brands to pay only for guaranteed consumer attention within the most popular local publishers in every market.

Through “One Video”, brands can maximize the impact of their online video activities as they are paying only for what matters: those consumers that watched their video in full.

“One Video” campaigns appear in mobile, tablet and desktop using the same video assets in the most premium, hand-selected publishers, ensuring a maximum level of brand safety. Brand videos play only when in-view thus guaranteeing that all completed views are by default 100% viewable.

One of the latest examples of brands, working with Project Agora’s One Video to successfully meet their business KPIs is Mazda. As part of the introduction of their Mazda 3 model, they chose One Video to connect with consumers and build excitement.  The campaign was highly engaging, with 7 out of 10 consumers exposed to it watching the video in full and total engagement exceeding 1.1%.

One Video is available on an IO basis with Project Agora undertaking the heavy lifting of optimizing the campaign, with brands having the ability to use their 3rd party vendor of choice to measure delivery & performance real time.

Dimitris Tsoukalas, Regional Director MEA for Project Agora said: “There is a shift from brands to buying models which are outcome-based. One Video is offering advertisers exactly that, the power of video with a pay for results buying model that is tied to their business goals: full, guaranteed consensual Consumer Attention. If the consumer doesn’t watch your video in full you don’t have to pay”.

Find out more: https://bit.ly/3gBqMuk