CMO Barometer report reveals regional trends for the first time

Rami Hmadeh, Managing Partner at Serviceplan Group Middle East

Serviceplan CMO Barometer event, in partnership with The Marketing Society, unfolded its latest insights into the challenges, opportunities, and collaborative initiatives keeping marketing decision makers “awake at night”.

The report encompassed the MENA region for the first year, providing a comprehensive analysis of the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

It found that there is one major difference between other globally asked markets and the Middle East when it comes to the future outlook.  In the Middle East, optimism is quite high with 52 percent believing that the economic situation in the region will improve.

A total of 767 marketing decision makers worldwide were asked for their take on marketing challenges and opportunities for the year, forming a shared opinion with some hot topics for any brand to focus on for the year 2024.

“For half a decade, the CMO Barometer has been a beacon of insight, guiding brands across diverse markets. As the leading report of the year, it not only aids decision-making but also illuminates the challenges and opportunities every decision-maker confronts.

“With delight, we introduce this invaluable survey to our region, launching it in collaboration with our partners from The Marketing Society, fostering interactive engagement and informed action,” Rami Hmadeh, Managing Partner at Serviceplan Group Middle East.

Marketing decision-makers from the region gathered at the event to witness the unveiling of this year’s CMO Barometer results.

Marwa Kaabour (CMO at Masaood LLC), Geraldine Tenten (former VP and CMO at IBM Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Azhar Siddiqui (Managing Partner at Mediaplus Middle East) took the stage as a panel, offering their invaluable perspectives and engaging in thought-provoking discussions.

During the panel, AI was one of the major topics that was discussed.

Panellists looked at the need of good data to feed AI for great results (usage of AI), how AI cant really work without a human, and the rise of adaptation of technology.

Tenten said that AI should enhance people and not replace them; that there is a constant exchange between human and AI.

Azhar Siddiqui also shared, “Reflecting on the insightful discussions of the fire side chat with Marwa and Geraldine, alongside the insights from this year’s CMO Barometer, it’s evident that our region stands distinct amidst the global landscape.”

Yet, as global trends shape our collective consciousness, they underscore the imperative for focused action towards a brighter tomorrow. I am eager to soon unveil the full report from the survey, initiating collaborative strides with marketers across the region,”

Organised by Serviceplan Group Middle East in collaboration with The Marketing Society, this event marked a significant milestone in understanding the pulse of the marketing world in 2024.

The insights shared during the event serve as a precursor to the full report, which will be released end of March 2024.