Careem brings back its Dirhams for Delays campaign

Careem has announced the return of its campaign ‘Dirhams for Delays’ which caused a fair bit of stir last year.

Running from January 15 – March 10 this year, the food delivery platform’s campaign promises to reimburse customers AED 1 for every minute a food order is late.

Jaskaran Singh, VP of Product Management at Careem explains that the campaign’s focus is not about “excessive speed”, but about being “super accurate” with the shared delivery times and ETAs.

“We’re confident that our delivery prediction and tracking technology is the best in the market and we want to show our customers that they can rely on us to eat on time, every time,” he adds.


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Driver safety and wellbeing

He also emphasizes that the safety and wellbeing of the drivers is a priority for the brand.

“They can’t see ETA times for orders and won’t bear responsibility for any late deliveries. This is really just about us being so confident in the efficiency of our service, and we’re willing to bet on it,” said Singh.

Careem said in a statement that to improve orders’ ETA accuracy, the delivery platform assigns drivers to orders based on their proximity to the restaurant and delivery location, while working with restaurants to ensure orders are dispatched on time.

Careem also emphasized that the drivers do not “bear any responsibility” for late deliveries.

They can also not see the order ETA and are “encouraged to drive safely”. They aim to ensure this through safe driving bonuses, where 20 Captains are rewarded every week with monetary incentives for their commitment to road safety measures.


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The return of the campaign

Last the year, the campaign received criticism from the public over the perceived risk to drivers.

The public opinions ranged from expecting drivers to have pay docked on late deliveries as well as encouraging them to overspeed to meet the deadline.

This year, the brand has clarified the misconception ahead of the campaign.