Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2022 – Zena Afara, Consultant, Instinctif Partners

Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2022 – Zena Afara, Consultant, Instinctif Partners

Age: 27

Amel Osman, Associate Partner, Instinctif Partners: Zena is a multitalented individual adept at corporate and crisis communications. She can always bring a creative and insightful approach to the work she does, with a sharp and critical eye that helps her anticipate and provide holistic solutions to the needs of the clients.

She will go above and beyond to deliver exceptional quality of work. While being able to be flexible in accommodating the shift in priorities on a daily basis, Zena finds new and creative ways to overcome any challenges that present themselves.

Career highlights

Specialising in corporate and crisis communications to protect and promote organisations’ reputations- I had the most incredible opportunity to work for the biggest event in the region. This experience has helped build a solid and robust foundation with skills spanning from strategic communications, community management, internal communications, and research.

After anticipating crises for years, I have joined Instinctif Partners to be a part of their Corporate Communications and Public Policy team. Working across different industries has deepened my passion for the industry, where I can utilise my background in design to build a human-centric approach to communications.

Guiding principles

Be passionate about learning from those around you, it will not only help you grow, but help those around you grow too.

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