Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2021 — Dhara Bhatia, Senior PR Account Executive, Katch International

Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2021 — Dhara Bhatia, Senior PR Account Executive, Katch International

Age: 23

Nominated by Tricia Jimenea, Engagement Director, Katch International

Dhara has been switched on from the beginning. With very little training, she got on with her job efficiently and produced consistently exemplary results. We immediately entrusted key clients to her and she has managed to secure significant coverage for them, and earn their trust as she has always been confident to speak her mind and share creative ideas worth executing. Instrumental in client retention, she’s helped built strong client relations which is integral during the pandemic. Dhara is one of the most talented PR practitioners I’ve worked with. I’m very proud of what she’s achieved in such a short period.


Starting only 2 years ago, Dhara has been promoted from PR Account Executive to Senior Account Executive in a short period of time because of her professional achievements. She has worked with key clients such as Rove Hotels, Etisalat Beach Canteen, Dubai Comedy Festival, Renaissance Hotel, Soho Garden, BASE, and more. By building her media relations and developing her pitch skills, she has been able to secure features for her clients in international and regional publications including Reuters, The New York Times, AP, The National, Gulf News, and the list goes on.

She has worked with reputable publications including Vogue Arabia, Conde Nast Traveller, and Gulf News before entering the PR industry.

Guiding principles

Managing expectations. I think working in the PR industry, there are promises floating around the atmosphere, but I always believe in managing realistic expectations. Will a story pitched by the client always work? No. This is where we come in and actually tell the client to tweak, or maybe completely scrap. This way, when you secure something out of the box, it’s truly appreciated – there’s a true sense of achievement when you secure amazing organic PR.

How has Covid changed your job?

Enabled better communication. It’s different when you’re in the office and can shout out random ideas for clients versus when you’re at home and thinking about who to tell all your crazy ideas to. We also had to enhance our communication skills to make sure the team was aligned at all times, and the clients were kept in the loop.

Side hustle

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so when I’m not occupied with my PR duties, I remove time to assist my loved one’s businesses.

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