Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Radhika Nayak, Media Manager, UM Menat

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Radhika Nayak, Media Manager, UM Menat

Age: 29

Nagham Maaboud, Media Director, UM Menat: A Jack of All Trades, master of many; Radhika has managed to acquire a wealth of multi-discipline cross border experience across various industries. But what I think gives Radhika her true edge is her undying curiosity and drive to constantly push the boundaries of what can be done. She’s a people person through and through and has a true talent for getting everyone to do their best work together; which is key for a future leader.  But combine that with a thorough knowledge of media & business dynamics, and you get an agent of change. I am personally proud to have Radhika on my team and cannot wait to see her continue to take the industry by storm.

Career highlights

In an unexpected turn of events, this art major dived head-on into media in what turned out to be one of the most rewarding risks of my life. Throughout my 7 (relatively) short years in the industry, I can happily say I’ve rarely done the same thing twice. Each of my experiences offered me a chance to develop into a truly well-rounded media professional- be it offline media on Stellantis (previously FCA India), performance on Burger King or innovation & measurement on L’Oreal- no two days were ever the same. As a person, I’d like to believe that my dedication shows through my work not only because I love it; but also because I believe it’s very important to walk the talk. When it comes to our line of work, teamwork is everything and I believe that it’s crucial for me to inspire those around me so we can grow together.

Guiding principles

Empathy, genuine connection, and positive energy are the true pillars of success in our industry. It’s the people that give meaning to the data and drive results.

Side hustle

I’m quite a creator, and I find myself gravitating towards artistic expression through many mediums- mainly food, painting, and (my newfound love) pottery.

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