Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2021 —Raji Tarabay, Senior Performance Executive, Fusion5

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2021 —Raji Tarabay, Senior Performance Executive, Fusion5

Age: 25

Nominated by Natale Panella, Head of Digital, Fusion5

Raji shows strong analytical skills and high attention to detail, two core principles of our performance practice. His dedication to work, fast execution and ability to adapt and combine his planning background into a digital performance environment led him to drive already impressive results in our team. His contributions to clients’ engagements and continuous passion to learn are supporting him in the right growth path.


I graduated from the American University of Beirut with a degree in finance and I walked into the media industry with my head held high. In my three years in the industry, I have spent three of them in three different positions, and in three different countries. I walked in as a Planner, rose to Senior Planner and now the learning opportunities widen as a Senior Performance Executive. From Beirut to KSA and finally, Dubai, by bringing strategic input to a technical position has been nothing short of pure value creation.

Guiding principles

If I wake up in the morning with the motive to be 1 per cent better today than I was yesterday, then in a hundred days I am already twice as good as I was when I started.

How has Covid changed your job?

Covid has tested the pure resilience, understanding, and motivations that drive me and everyone in the industry.  It has taught us to overcome the harshest roadblocks and in doing so only made us stronger. By being further apart we have been forced to adapt very quickly to still deliver value.

Side hustle

I have always been an avid learner. I strive to consume information and my current journey is delving into psychology and coding. Two practices on the opposite sides of the spectrum, but the itch just can’t be scratched without a few good hours spent in the right place.

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